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tc Média
Writer’s Toolkit for College Students - General Education

Collégial et universitaire

Writer’s Toolkit for College Students - General Education

Auteur : Collective
ISBN : 9782894703694

Prix : 29,95 $


The Writer’s Toolkit for college students was put together to help CEGEP students achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals by becoming more effective communicators. The idea for the Toolkit originated from discussions between English and Humanities teachers on how their departments could reinforce common skills. Since then, the vision of the project was expanded to include other programs.


As the main component of the Writer’s Toolkit, the General Education handbook provides a guide for student writing in all programs, and a base for many types of CEGEP writing assignments. Topics covered include:


• How to write correctly

• How to write an essay

• How to research, document, and use sources

• How to give a presentation

• How to write for specific disciplines

• Writing in English, French, Humanities, and Physical Education


Students in specific programs, such as Science, History, and Media can also purchase the handbook specific to their particular program.