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Reflections.qc.ca - Secondary III

Scolaire Québec

Reflections.qc.ca - Secondary III Nouveauté

Teacher's Guide - Print version

Auteurs : Alain Parent, Sylvain Fortin, Francis Campeau, Rémi Lavoie
ISBN : 9782765079842


The Reflections.qc.ca series takes a flexible, engaging approach to the Secondary III History of Québec and Canada program. Its enriching educational content allows students to develop subject-specific and cross-curricular competencies.

The Reflections.qc.ca series offers:

a clear and structured chronological framework

a complete study of the periods, social phenomena, historical knowledge and program concepts

many primary source documents

abundant, carefully selected visual documents

many essentials, easy-to-read historical maps

varied representations of time

geographical features presented in a geography file at the beginning of the textbook and  integrated into the chapters

a wide variety of activities for performing intellectual operations

a reference section that includes maps, a chronology, steps for performing intellectual  operations and tools for mastering the historical methods as well as for analyzing and using  various document


To complete the series, you’ll also find additional digital content on the i+ Interactif platform.

•  Interactive workshops

•  Original videos

•  Slide presentations with additional visual documents

•  Interactive maps

•  A carrousel of comparative maps

•  An interactive tiered timeline

•  Animated organizational charts

•  Info+ entries

•  Interactive summaries

•  And much more!