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Panoramas - Cycle Two (Year Two)

Scolaire Québec

Panoramas - Cycle Two (Year Two)

Student Textbook Volume 1 - Print version

Auteurs : Maude Ladouceur, Fabienne Rose, Christophe Horguelin, France Lord
Nombre de pages : 334

Manuel imprimé

ISBN13 : 9782765209249
Prix : 70,95 $

Student Textbooks 1 and 2 - Digital version compatible with all tablets and computers – 1 Year

ISBN13 : 9789765218418
Prix : 41,95 $

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The Panoramas collection proposes an accessible and dynamic approach for teaching History and Citizenship Education to Secondary Cycle Two students. The collection thoroughly explores the various themes of the Program Content (population and settlement, economy and development, culture and currents of thought, official power and countervailaing powers) as well as issues in society today. Rich and rigorous content allows students to develop their subject-specific and cross-curricular competencies. It also allows them to better understand Québec's history and reflect upon Québec's contemporary issues.

The Panoramas collection:

  • is clearly organized and flexible
  • provides a vast choice of meaningful and varied activities
  • covers all of the social phenomena, concepts, historical knowledge and cultural references of the program
  • uses a simple, up-to-date and citizenship-centred approach
  • includes a rich and abundant collection of visual documents
  • includes numerous primary source documents
  • includes a review of the Secondary Cycle Two, Year 1 content, accompanied by a chronology that presents important dates in the history of Québec
  • contains a Toolbox that facilitates the acquisition of the historical method and historical techniques
  • contains a historical and geographic Atlas in the textbook
  • provides a Chronology that presents important dates of each of the program's themes
  • includes easy to do optional projects