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Quantum - Physics - Cycle Two (Year Three)

Scolaire Québec

Quantum - Physics - Cycle Two (Year Three)

Student Textbook - Print version

Auteurs : Ahmed Bensaada, Benoît Ouellette

Manuel imprimé

ISBN13 : 9782765214441
Prix : 123,95 $

Student Textbook - Digital version compatible with all tablets and computers – 1 Year

ISBN13 : 9789765218241
Prix : 36,95 $

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The Quantum collection offers a flexible and concrete approach to the Physics Program for the Third Year of Secondary Cycle Two. It is a major asset that helps students develop their competencies, build their understanding of the scientific concepts in the Program and have a better grasp of the issues pertaining to their daily environment.

The Quantum collection is:

  • an encyclopaedic textbook that offers substantial treatment of all concepts in the Program
  • an impressive number of exercises with varied levels of difficulty
  • a wide variety of laboratories, some previously tested and others new and original
  • a clear presentation of scientific formulas, mathematical equations, procedures and examples of calculations
  • numerous highly precise diagrams and illustrations to help students understand the concepts
  • a Review section for Physics concepts addressed in the first and second years of Secondary Cycle Two
  • appendices that address certain scientific procedures strategies and techniques and that delve deeper into various aspects of problem-solving
  • indispensable reference tables
  • animation clips that take into account different learning styles and facilitate the comprehension of certain phenomena
  • a choice of new learning and evaluation situations related to students' interests and designed to help develop competencies
  • suggestions for the use of ICTs in the classroom
  • varied evaluation tools adapted to the reality of the classroom
  • a clear structure that encourages the development of student autonomy
  • flexible lesson plans

Quantum, substantial, solid and rigorous content!