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Real English Authentic Learning 3, 2<sup>nd</sup> edition - Grammar reference and practice

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Real English Authentic Learning 3, 2nd edition - Grammar reference and practice

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Auteur : Netta Gorman

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ISBN13 : 9782765045458
Prix : 37,95 $

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ISBN13 : 9782765045366
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ISBN13 : 9782765056379
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REAL 3 Grammar Reference and Practice is acomprehensive, easy-to-use grammar guide and activity book. Twelve stand-alone units cover all essentials in a conveniently condensed format. Teachers and students can choose the order of the grammar points to cover from independent sections within each unit. In this fun second edition, high intermediate to advanced students of English as a second language assimilate grammar notions naturally as they revise rules, explore exceptions, practise in context, apply error analysis, and review. 


  • Warm-ups encourage students to use grammar in context first. 
  • Concise charts target the most important grammar rules.
  • Notes explaining exceptions to rules, common errors, and formal or informal language nuances are accompanied by detailed examples. 
  • Each stand-alone unit has various contextualized activities to check and reinforce students’ understanding. 
  • Edit It! exercises allow students to hone their editing skills as they find and correct common errors.
  • Real-life topics and literary excerpts are used as a springboard for speaking and writing
  • Expanded Review section gives students metacognitive and mixed practice that can be used for evaluation. 
  • Appendices include a verb tense review, pronunciation, and lists of common phrasal verbs and irregular verbs.





Over 50 interactive workshops and 500 questions with automatic feedback cover every section in the book. An Edit It! exercise and a Review activity are also featured for each unit. 


Students receive immediate feedback and scoring while teachers are able to annotate the eBook, electronically follow students’ progress, and create their own online interactive activities. 


Teachers can display or hide answers and notes embedded in the Teacher’s Edition Answer Key for a more active learning experience in the classroom.


Table des matières


1 - Present, past, and future

2 - Perfect tenses

3 - Modales and conditionals

4 - Passive voice and reported speech


Other Parts of Speech

5 - Nouns and determiners

6 - Pronouns ans possessive adjectives

7 - Adjectives and adverbs

8 - Prepositions and phrasal verbs


From Words to Sentences

9 - Words

10 - Gerunds and infinitives

11 - Sentences and questions

12 - Capitalization and punctuation