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Real English Authentic Learning 3, 2<sup>nd</sup> edition

Collégial et universitaire

Real English Authentic Learning 3, 2nd edition

Combo Package: Skills Book and Grammar reference and practice

Auteurs : Angelika Brunel, Sandra Cole, Netta Gorman
ISBN : 9998201510040

Prix : 68,95 $
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  • NEW 95% of texts are entirely new or updated.
  • NEW Targeted reading practice is offered through new reading sections: Reading for Strategy, Reading for Interaction, and Reading for Challenge.
  • NEW The Anthology is now part of the Skills Book to facilitate use in the classroom. It exposes students to various types of reading material, written by Canadian authors, and expands on each of the themes.
  • NEW The four Writing Files, grouped together in one section, cover writing and improving essays, and include revising and editing practice. The special characteristics of thesis statements for six different essay types are compared.
  • The themes have been updated and comprise two NEW themes: Connections and Contemplation.
  • Updated audio and video activities feature segments that are appropriate for the level.
  • NEW Literary Device explains and applies literary devices in context.

Grammar reference and practice:


  • NEW This comprehensive, easy-to-use grammar reference and activity book covers all the essentials in a conveniently condensed format.
  • Each unit has a variety of contextualized exercises to check and reinforce students’ understanding.
  • Edit It! exercises focus on error analysis and common errors.
  • NEW Expanded review section gives students metacognitive and mixed practice that can be used for evaluation.
  • NEW Rubrics near charts and exercises point out common errors and formal/informal language use.



Table des matières



Unit 1 - Wanderlust

Unit 2 - Connections

Unit 3 - Morality

Unit 4 - Social activism

Unit 5 - Perspectives

Unit 6 - comtemplations


Grammar reference and practice:



1 - Present, past, and future

2 - Perfect tenses

3 - Modales and conditionals

4 - Passive voice and reported speech


Other Parts of Speech

5 - Nouns and determiners

6 - Pronouns ans possessive adjectives

7 - Adjectives and adverbs

8 - Prepositions and phrasal verbs


From Words to Sentences

9 - Words

10 - Gerunds and infinitives

11 - Sentences and questions

12 - Capitalization and punctuation